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Long Beach Culture

The Long beach Culture AKA “culture of the ‘LBC'”  as it is known by many of its citizens, is one of a kind. It is a type of culture that cannot be captivated by official website and videos, but by the people who grew up in Long Beach themselves. Those who know what the residents really go through, and by media that interprets Long Beach according to their own views and perspective. The city has a very deep artistic culture, that is not really shown at its many museums but through mediums of their own. 

Long Beach City Lifestyle

Long Beach City is one of the most famous beaches globally that is located on the Pacific coast in the greater south Los Angels area of southern California. Since it is a city, and one of the most extensive beaches in southern California, it has attracted a huge population of about 470,237 peoples. Long Beach […]

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Long Beach Vibes and Culture

What Makes Long Beach A Tourist Destination? The difficult part of a vacation is looking for the perfect vacation destination for you and your family. This may be due to the budget limitations or even the different preferences of your family members. You therefore have to find the perfect destination that will cater for all […]

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