Why Long Beach Lifestyle Makes Long Beach An Attractive City To Move To

Centrally located between Orange County and Los Angeles, Long Beach is one of the most attractive places to live in the state of California. The state is itself among the best states to raise a family; people who fell in love and moved to California found the weather, nice landscapes, quality of life and the many attractive tourist attractions simply irresistible.

The city epitomes all these and even has much more to offer. It is located along the coastline, within Southern California, and has 1.144 square miles of water flowing through, making it ocean lover’s paradise. So, if you crave beach life with the convenience of an urban setting Long Beach is ideal for you to move to, and call home.

Reasons Long Beach Is a Great City to Move To

1. Lovely Coastal breeze Throughout the Year

The city is right at a point where beaches in Northern and Southern California have the hottest temperatures during cold seasons, winter included. Unlike most other states and cities, winter is not very harsh here; it never snows and as such temperatures are attractive all year round. Typical temperatures here average 64.5 annually, with 45-degrees in December and 64.5-degrees in August meaning residents are always comfortable. Its residents also enjoy a cool westerly sea breeze during summer.

2. Lovely neighborhoods

Making up Long Beach’s neighborhood are Alamitos Beach, California Heights (a historic village), Terminal Island, Cambodia town and many other great subdivisions. Within the city, there are very many beautiful spots to settle. Downtown Long Beach, for instance, is packed with bustling businesses and laid-back residential properties that bring together locals and professional on a daily basis. The mixed crowd creates an interesting setup with workers walking alongside relaxed locals. The Housing Rehabilitation Division provides low-cost loans geared towards improving the environment by repairing area apartments. So, whether you opt to own or rent a home one in any of the city’s many gorgeous locations, rest assured the spot will not only be lovely but also safe.

3. Many Tourists attractions

Long Beach’s Aquarium of the Pacific draws more than 1.5 million visitors annually. Some of its notable attractions include The Lorikeet Aviary (where birds hang out at the aquarium), The Shark Lagoon and June Keyes Penguin Habitat. The fact yearly memberships start as low as 55 dollars per month means residents can afford a number of stops at every year. With the impending completion of sophisticated construction projects like Wets Gateway, the city features huge developments that compliant the many tourist attractions.

4. Development Affluence

West Gateway is a 40 story building which on completion will unseat the current Shoreline gateway tower that is currently the tallest tower in Long Beach. Still in its initial stages, the property six buildings of different uses and heights, including the tower. It is set to house a total of 694 units. CSULB Downtown Village is yet another upcoming breathtaking property. It is a mixed-use project that will include residential housing for 1100 students, lab space, few , and a venue to hold the school’s art museum. Big residential property is an ambitious development property located close to Pacific Blue Line station. The residential structures will have a total of 325 units. All these residential structures will increase competition leading to affordable housing much to the benefits of Long Beach residents.

5. Culture and Contemporary Life

All the fun lies outdoors in Long Beach; the city’s Parks and Recreation Department oversees a total of 92 parks covering over 3,100 acres of the city. As a resident, you have the option of making El Dorado Regional Park your favorite stomping park by paying 60 dollars for a yearly pass. The small fee allows you to use the park’s many resources like bicycle paths, nature centers and fishing lakes alongside other locals. Residents enjoy immersing themselves in regular art festivals and walk in the city center. There are many bars and nightclubs that create the best atmosphere for anyone who would like to have a little dancing after dining.

Reasons Living in a Beach is healthier

• The UV rays improve emotional and physical well being by promoting the production of vitamin D
• Exercising on the beach can motivate you to increase your routine more than if you work out in a gym.
• The salty sea water eradicates problematic skin issues.

• The salt is a natural exfoliate; it leaves your skin tighter, smoother and more beautiful.


Living in this city is akin to living on vacation; there is always a new neighborhood to explore, a new spot to visit and a relaxing site to spend some quality time with your loved ones. The gentrification performed by the city’s Neighborhood Service Bureau, aimed at fixing up area properties and homes, means you will enjoy high-quality yet affordable repair services. The many megastructures are various phases of completion is further evidence this city is a favorite place for many. Long Beach is, therefore, undoubtedly an awesome place to live in.

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